Band Members

Mike Alberici

Saxophone/Vocals/Bucket of Funk

Paul Bourgelais


Tim Gilmore


Chris Noyes

Fender precision Jazz Bass

Lee Ames

Tenor + Soprano Saxophone, vocals

Krimson Krewe- downloadable press KIT

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We are the Krimson Krewe!  A full blown funk-in-your face Mardi Gras New Orleans second line phat-assed jazz band from the great wide northern territories of Funkistan!   We dive deep in the NOLA non-traditional songbook, searching for those lost and forgotten musical nuggets that your old Pappy van Winkle (and Sister Kate) used to shake that thang to at the Crawdad fish fry and Ice Cream fricassee.  MMMM-MMM-MMM  Shake Dat Thing.” - Krimson Krewe

The Krimson Krewe

Hoo - Nah -Nay Swing that thing

Press photos

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